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Basic Electrical School


Fosber America's Training Department is offering a two and a half day session on basic electrical topics. This course is designed for employees with very little electrical knowledge.

Mechanically well-versed maintenance personnel with very little electrical experience would be well suited to this class. They would gain skills that would allow them to perform basic troubleshooting skills. The course is also designed to emphasize electrical theory and safety. Attendees would be able to understand safety standards & gain knowledge and skills regarding working safely around electricity and in cabinets.

Students would become familiar with basic electrical components and would learn to identify and troubleshoot them as they are applied to industrial machinery.

Students would become comfortable with electrical prints, as found on Fosber machinery. Examples in this course are drawn from 24VDC control circuits, 120VAC control and 480VAC 3-phase power circuits.

This is the first in a series of electrical courses to be offered by Fosber America. Future course topics include PLC & Drive classes (Allen-Bradley, Lenze).

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Basic Electrical School Outline

Day 1:

Basic Electrical Theory

  • Ohm's Law
  • DC
  • AC (single & 3 phase)


  • Hazards of Electrical energy & Safe Work Habits
  • NFPA 70E (Arc Flash)

Multi Skills

General Electrical Components

  • Relays, Contractors, Switches
  • Identifying
  • Troubleshooting

Day 2:

Print Reading

  • Fosber Prints (Classic, Evolution, 400 Style Prints)

Motors, Transformers

Fuses, Circuit Breakers, Motor Starters

Input Devices

  • Sensors, Switches

Output Devices 

  • Solenoids, Lights, Horns

Hands On Circult Analysis

  • Measuring 480v 3 Phase
  • Troubleshooting Emergency Circuits

Day 3 (half day):

Introduction to Automation Components

  • Logic Devices
  • Motor Control
  • Feedback Devices
  • Basic Networking


To Register:

Please Contact Tammy Kohlbeck at Fosber

Phone:  (920) 338-6600

Available Dates:

School A: February 19-21, 2019

School B: April 9-11, 2019

NOTE: School is 3 days (it was formerly 2 1/2)


Attendees need safety glasses, safety shoes and work clothes

to perform the procedures on the machine.

The school cost is $1,100 per person.
(Class Size Limitation:  15)

Fee includes all training materials and lunch each day.

Transportation, hotel or other expenses are not included in the package.