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Virtual School- Introduction to Corrugated

Fosber America's Training department is offering a 3 day webinar on basics of corrugated. The course is designed for new hires and employees with under 6 months of experience on a corrugator.

The class sessions will begin with material being broke down to the basics of corrugated. Students would become familiar with general knowledge and terms regarding machines and their function on a corrugator. Students learn about efficient ways to run each machine and bottlenecks found on a typical line.

The class also covers bonding and basic troubleshooting. Starch transfer, heat transfer and typical running parameters will be discussed at a beginning level. Heat and temperature analysis will be discussed using IR guns and thermal imaging devices as tools.

In the future, additional courses will be offered by Fosber America that cover more advanced topics related to bonding, heat transfer and process control.

Fosber America's Virtual Schools are designed to deliver a typical school curriculum divided into 4 hour webinars presented over the course of 3 days.

Course Breakdown

Day 1:

What is Corrugated:

-Construction of a Box

-Types of Boxes

-Packaging/Display Materials

-Q & A

Day 2:

What is a Corrugator:

-Purpose & Function of Each Machine



-Paper Characteristics

-Q & A

Day 3:

Introduction to the Bonding Process:

-Starch Characteristics

-Heat Transfer Basics

-Warp Basics

-Quality Checks & Glue Line Analysis

-Q & A

Webinar Information:

Sign in at 11:45 am each day.

Sessions will start at 12 pm CDT Each Day & Will Last Approx. 4 Hours

Class Size:  Limit 8 People

Cost:  $500 Per Person

Class material and login information will be e-mailed to the students 48 hours prior to the class.
 Dates of Virtual School:  July 14 thru 16, 2020
 Contact the Fosber Training Department to Set-up Your Session Today
Tammy Kohlbeck – or call (920) 338-6600.
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