Terminal 400 Double DownStacker   t4dsicon.png

Technical Features

  • Working Speed: 1250 FPM
  • Max Board Width: 98" /110"
  • Min. Sheet Length: 20"
  • Min. Sheet Width: 10"
  • Stack Weight: 7700 lbs.

Key Features

  • Vacuum System on First Belt Section.
  • "No-Crush" Clamp Separator for Clean Stack/Order Change Separation.
  • Allen-Bradley Electronics.
  • No Hydraulics.
  • 5 Brush System for Shingling.
  • DC Drive for Platform Movement.

Terminal 400 Downstacker

The Fosber Terminal 400 Double DownStacker provides the most versatile. combination of corrugator stacking. The Terminal is designed to stack sheets at high speeds forming full height stacks, bundles or a combination of both. Modular design of the support structure allows complete layout flexibility and ease of installation. The electrical and pneumatic requirements for wiring, piping and cable ducts are integrated into the design of the support structure. The PVC belts all have integrated V-guides located under each side of the belt. The V-guides run in groves which prevent any lateral movement of the belt even during acceleration. Each level of the terminal is designed with three or more belts with individual PLC control.

The Terminal Stacker has three main sections:

  1. The Braking Section
  2. The Separation Section
  3. The Stacking Section

Terminal 400 Downstacker

The Braking Section - Is composed of a series of carbon fiber brushes, which apply adjustable pressure on the sheets. This slows down and shingles the sheets exiting the cut-off knife. The pressure and number of brushes activated are automatically controlled according to the type of production. Onboard manual controls are also included.

The Separation Section separates the stream of shingled sheets, moving to stack change or order change. Precise separation is accomplished via a fixed or moving clamp system (for higher line speeds), which separates the sheets cleanly even in case of severe warp or coated (slippery) sheets. At separation the lower interrupt bar raises while the upper lowers; thus, holding back the first sheet of the new stack (or order) The old stack (or order) is then gently accelerated away.

The Stacking Section - consists of a no-crush nip-roll, a motorized stacking platform and a motorized backstop with encoder control. The elevator deck is gently and linearly lowered via an electrical motor allowing sheet-by-sheet descent, keeping a constant angle of the sheet onto the stack.

The Terminal Stacker utilizes an intelligent machine control program. This assures excellent stack quality and optimized speed for all board types.

Features Benefits
5 Automatically Controlled Shinging Brushes. Provides Optimal Sheet Control When Exiting Knife.
First Belt with Full Vacuum. Pulls Down Trailing Edge for Precise Sheet Control, Eliminates "Sheet Butting".
Mobile Clamp Separation. Provides Clean Separation of New Stock or Order. Eliminates "High Acceleration".
AC Driven Platform. Eliminates Hydraulics for Smooth Ascent and Descent, Low Maintenance.
Counter Balanced Platform Bay. Reduces Horsepower and Provides 18 Second Cycle Time.
Belt Over Roller Platform. Provides Controlled Discharge of Narrow Stacks. Excellent Transition from Stacker to Discharge Conveyor.


Upgrades Available